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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Support I have From HMN

When I was growing up, I always envisioned my future life - and it was a "mainstream" life: a wedding in a church and I was going to wear a white flowing dress, the birth of my child(ren) in a hospital, sending children off to school... Little did I know that when my husband and I chose to marry ourselves in a small dock house (I wore an Indian purple dress too revealing for church and flip flops) - it was a start of a long journey off the main road. When we found out I was pregnant, we shuddered at the thought of a hospital delivery. Nobody but my husband seemed to understand why we needed a home birth. When our son was born, it seemed natural to attachment parent and it was just a natural progression to homeschool

Set apart from everyone else in our families, I needed to connect with other mothers who supported me, who understood me, who shared their knowledge with me, and who didn't judge me in a negative way. Having moved to the Midlands and not having friends here nor family of my own, I found the Holistic Moms Network chapter.  And yes, my HMN acquaintances and friends have supported me, taught me, shared knowledge with me.  I am so glad there is a chapter here in the Midlands and that we are striving to keep it alive for our community.  There is always another person who may need our help - just like you all helped me.

If I never said thank you - I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you now.  You have helped me become the wife, the mother and the holistic person I have become today.

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