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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Talking Plastics and Cotton with K.D.'s Treehouse

Plastics Talk at K.D.'s Treehouse


There is a plastic swirl out in the ocean as big as Texas.

This is why plastic bags need to be outlawed; they float and sea turtles eat them thinking they are jellyfish, then they die.

93% of us have BPA in our bodies.

Safe plastics are #1, 2, 4, 5. There are no known dangers.

Avoid plastics #3, 6, 7.
  • #3 vinyl in cooking oil bottles, clear food packaging, phthalates enter our bodies through food and drink.
  • #6 PS in disposable plates, meat trays.
  • #7 miscellaneous plastics found in baby bottles, 3-5 gallon water bottles.
Milk cartons are lined with bad plastic, including organic milk. Chemicals leach into the milk we drink.

Better alternatives include stainless steel, ceramics, silicone and bamboo.

17-25% of all pesticides are used on cotton crops; only 3% of all crops are cotton.

Someone who worked in conventional cotton clothes said he would only let his kids wear the clothes if he washed them 15 times beforehand.

Find clothes without flame retardants.

Parents can register for birthdays, holidays, etc. to minimize other toys.


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  1. I hate we missed this talk. We love K.D.'s Treehouse, as well as many of the brands they carry. It's so scary to think about the things we're exposed to everyday -- especially our little ones. Happy we're seeing places like this in the Midlands!