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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


With Christopher Leventis Cox, former Wall Street Fund Manager

1960s concept of social investing started in churches

  • didn’t want to invest in sinful activities

1980s shifted to individual level

  • Today $2 Trillion invested based on social responsible investing
  • people spend more time choosing their clothes and washing machines than choosing how to invest their money
  • socially responsible investing does not get you wealthy quickly

There is NO defined guideline but a PERSONAL CHOICE. 2 screens fit criteria of socially responsible investing:

  • negative screening
    • issues against belief system:
      • tobacco
      • oil
      • animal testing
      • GMOs
  • positive screening
    • things that make sense: some companies are innovators and try to make positive changes, while others are making the current situation better
      • organic foods
      • companies that help stop people smoking
      • eco-friendly products
      • water solutions
      • solar power

Where to look for information on companies?

What to look for?  Company’s

  • Quarterly (10Q) and annual reports (10K)
  • Practices
  • Policies
  • Products

What if I don’t understand something?

  • Call the company’s investor relations 1.800# and they will answer your questions.

3 ways to invest:

  1. personal investment
    • use a spreadsheet
    • need to be calm and objective
    • need to keep goal in mind because it is challenging as Socially Responsible Investing does not make money like mainstream investing does
    • you have direct control
    • open on-line accounts:
    • Probably need at least $2,000 as a base to make an investment worthwhile

  1. mutual fund
    • someone else manages your funds
    • negative:
      • depending on how your money is managed, the yearly fees range 1-30% of your $
      • pay attention to their strategy because it can change all the time
      • pay attention to the management team:
        • socially responsible investing is not a popular place for a fund manager
        • best if they had been there 3-5 years and show returns on investments
        • need 3-5 year track record

  1. index
    • buy and hold stocks that fit criteria of social responsible investment
    • it is not managed daily
    • fees are lower
    • S&P, Dow, NASDQ à 80% of managers cannot beat an index
    • Look at 3-5 year record of grid index, solar energy, clean energy
    • Gold only beats inflation ½ the time
    • Look at average trading volume
    • No enter and exit fees

Socially Responsible Investing Forums/Funds

RULE #72: Diving the percentage of your return by 72 to get an idea of how long it will take to double.  E.g. 10% will double in 7.2 years.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful notes! This sounds like it was a great meeting. We've been investigating this idea for a while now, so your insights are timely! BTW, I heard this guy on the radio last week (he specializes in socially responsible investing): http://moneywithamission.com/

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