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Monday, April 18, 2011

Wild Edibles

Poison Ivy
American Indians would eat the small leaves to get immune to it


Sweet Gum Tree
first chewing gum!

Arrow head/Duck Potato
a root crop, like potatoes, edible raw, but better cooked

Poke Weed
make salat (cooked greens), use purple berries for dye, when bigger the plant is more toxic (you can see the pink color rising up the stem), best cooked and best eaten when small about 8" high

Mulberry Tree


tips like asparagus


Possibly White or Black Snakeroot
a medicinal plant

Wood Nettles
stinging hairs make it difficult to pick, this is deactivated by cooking, mostly found in shade in the US (vs. stinging nettles in South Asia grow in sunny areas)

Wood Nettles

note - most RED berries are poisonous

River Cane
slow growing, slightly edible tips and shoots

Russian Olive
nitrogen fixer (pulls nitrogen into the soil), orange brick red fruit, sweet

highly productive, cough syrup, wine, purple berries in May/June

Curled Dock
liver tonic, great for blood pressure, young leaves are edible raw or cooked, larger leaves are fibrous

Pearl Dock

Chick weed

this is delicious!

Water Hemlock
a toxic plant that resembles carrot
Wood sorrel
not a clover

Wood sorrel
Muscadine Grape
Paw Paw
wonderful fruit like avocado and banana


Matthew Kip, Community Gardens, University of South Carolina


  1. Great photos! I bet this was so great! I wish we could have come, but my schedule did not permit that day. May be you'll do it again? I'm sure the kids would never tire of it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes would love to know when this is happening again